Using Dr Pen™ for BB Glow

BB Glow with Dr Pen

You may of seen or heard about BB Glow on social media. BB GLOW uses nano-needling.

Sometimes also referred to an nano infusion, it is an non-invasive, innovate transdermal serum delivery system designed to rejuvenate your skin and remedy many common issues like lack of tone, uneven texture and excessive pigmentation.

This beautifying skincare treatment uses a derma pen like Dr Pen to apply a bb glow serum just under the surface of the skin.
The BB Glow serum will contain a slight tint of colour. Also lots of nutrients to leave skin healthy and glowing.

Here at Dr Pen UK we can supply you with the Dr Pen Microneedling Devices and cartridges that you need for BB Glow.

Our step by step guide for using Dr.Pen for BB Glow Treatments

1. Preparation

  • Consultation: Assess the skin type, if there are any conditions, and desired outcomes.
  • Cleansing: The skin is thoroughly cleansed to remove any impurities, makeup, and oil.

2. Exfoliation

  • Exfoliation: An exfoliating treatment or microdermabrasion, is performed to remove dead skin cells and prepare the skin for better absorption of the BB serum. Check out the Stayve exfoliating gel and foam for this part of the treatment.

3. Microneedling with BB Serum

  • Nano Needling: A microneedling pen like Dr.Pen is used to create tiny channels in the skin. This device typically uses very fine needles that penetrate the upper layers of the skin.
  • BB Serum Application: A BB cream-like serum, which contains vitamins, antioxidants, and pigments, is applied during the Nano needling process this helps the serum to penetrate deeper into the skin.

4. Post-Treatment Care

  • Calming Mask: A calming mask or serum is applied to soothe the skin and reduce any redness.
  • Aftercare: Looking after the skin after a BB Glow treatment is so important to ensure optimal results. This typically includes avoiding direct sunlight, applying sunscreen, and using gentle skincare products.

5. Results and Maintenance

  • Immediate Results: The skin may appear more even and glowing immediately after the treatment. Some redness may be present but usually subsides within a few hours to a day.
  • Cumulative Effects: For best results, multiple sessions (typically 3-4) are recommended.

Which Dr.Pen System is suitable for BB Glow?

Any of our Dr.Pen devices can be used for BB Glow. One of our customers favourite is the Dr.Pen M8, this is because it has a range of different Nano cartridges available to purchase, we also stock a great nano infusion combo kit!. The M8 features a six level speed control and up to 16,000 RPM is great for both professional use and experienced use at home.
If you are professionally trained in bb glow or microneedling you could consider the Hydra Pen 3 for treatments. This clever device incorporates your serum into the needle cartridge for a clean and effortless procedure. The Hydra Pen 3 features a 6 level speed control and a variable depth gauge up to 1.0mm. Cartridges available from 12 pin or the preferred for bb glow nano cartridge.

Which serums can I use?

You can find all of our BB Glow serums here. We stock Stayve BB Glow ampoules these are made in Korea and are safe on the skin with CPNP & KFDA Certification. There are 5 shades to choose from, sometimes therapists will choose to use 2 or 3 different shades to aim for a contoured BB Glow finish.

Top tips to achieve the best results

  • Don’t skip the exfoliation step in your BB Glow skin preparation. The procedure will take a little longer but it will help prolong results!
  • Apply a booster serum like Stayve Aqua Stem Cell along with Your chosen BB Glow shade. This will help boost skins moisture levels.
  • Avoid using saunas or swimming for a few days after treatment.

All Dr Pen orders are dispatched from our UK warehouse based in the Midlands. We only supply 100% genuine Dr Pen items.