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Welcome to the Official Dr. Pen™ Website

The leading and only official Dr. Pen website based in the UK. You can buy 100% genuine Dr. Pen & Dr. Pen needles and have them shipped directly to your door, anywhere worldwide! We also have a wealth of knowledge within the beauty industry and we are here to help you with any queries that you may have. 

We offer full confidence to buy our devices online

We supply authentic Dr.Pen systems backed by our 30 day money back guarantee and warranty which is valid for 1 year from purchase date, you wont be disappointed.

Shop Dr.Pen to achieve beautifully renewed skin

Here you can treat a wide range of skin concerns from fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, acne scars, enlarged pores and stretch marks. You can even use Dr. Pen to re-stimulate hair growth. Shop now and choose the perfect device for your skin care needs. 

Proud to offer you the widest Dr. Pen cartridge range

At Dr.Pen UK we stock a huge range of cartridges for every pen we sell! That’s because we want you to get the best from your device. From nano needles for bb glow to the 42 pin to treat areas on the body, you can find them all here.

Dr.Pen is the Worldwide #1 microneedling pen for use at home – to find out more, check out our Dr.Pen blog posts

Original Dr. Pen products, Delivered fast and with the efficient and friendly assistance of the customer service from the device selection to the final delivery.

L. Loven

My order arrived quickly and was packaged well.
I contacted customer support, to double check i was orrdering the correct replacement cartridges for my pen. They where very helpful.

Lou. S / Home User

Great website, products always in stock & fast delivery.

Dr. Pen A8S Application

What is Dr. Pen™?

Dr. Pen is an auto microneedling system, it is a revolutionary microneedling device which aims to rejuvenate skin. Use Dr. Pen to improve the appearance of lines, wrinkles, scaring, hyperpigmentation, skin texture, and much more.

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Microneedling Derma Stamps & Derma Rollers

Dr. Pen UK stock a wide range of official Dr. Pen devices and needle cartridges. We also supply derma stamps and derma rollers at the best prices, these are ideal if your new to microneedling and want to try it out before buying an auto system. Buy from us, the top Dr. Pen UK suppliers to be sure you buy genuine products.

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