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What is a dermaroller?

A dermaroller contains hundreds of tiny needles. When in use, these needles create micro-injuries on the skin, which in turn sends collagen and elastin production into overdrive to compensate as it heals, leaving your complexion tighter and plumper than it was beforehand. Dermarolling is a form of microneedling. If you're a beginner, you may find the derma roller easier to control and less intimidating. As it isn't motorised, can control the speed and pressure more easily and slowly build up your tolerance of the pressure and speed.
Is dermarolling suitable for all skin types?
Dermarolling can benefit all skin types, though those with sensitive skin should be mindful of how frequently they do it . There are many derma roller benefits. Those with aging skin will find it particularly useful, as it's an ideal method for filling in fine lines and wrinkles, plumping the skin under the eyes thus diminishing the appearance of dark circles and bags and even plumping up lips. Dermarolling is also an effective treatment for acne scars and hyper-pigmentation since it penetrates the skin so deeply.
Which is the best derma roller?
Here at Dr Pen UK we are also a derma roller supplier. We stock a wide range of top quality premium derma rollers. Microneedling derma rollers are great for people who want to try microneedling at home.
The difference between dermarolling and derma pens?
A derma roller is used for microneedling in the same way our Dr Pen derma pens deliver collagen induction therapy through microneedling. The derma pens are electric and powered by a motor, whereas the derma rollers are powered by hand. For this reason, derma rollers are more time consuming to use than a pen and are far more and limited and less sophisticated devices. So while both products do deliver collagen induction therapy through microneedling, the derma roller is more of a basic intro option and the derma pen is the superior choice. However, this also means there is a big difference in price point too. The cartridges are much bigger on a derma roller which means you cover a larger area while rolling. This is handy for areas on the body, such as the hips and thighs, or if you are focusing on your cheeks. However, if you wish to focus on smaller areas, like the nose and around the eyes, the derma rollers are much more difficult to use and a derma stamp or dr pen device would be a better option.