Microneedling For The Scalp

Microneedling For Scalp

Microneedling is an ever increasing, effective way to reduce the appearance of scars, minimize pores, dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles on your skin. It’s a minimally invasive treatment that triggers a wound-healing response (collagen and elastin production) that can help your skin look younger.

Some evidence suggests microneedling (also known as collagen induction therapy, derma rolling, nano needling) can also stimulate hair growth. The microneedling process of creating wounds in the skin is also thought to regenerate the health of the hair follicles. It’s thought that this can result in new hair growth, or perhaps, it may thicken thinning hair as seen in androgenic alopecia. You can explore the findings of this study and see how fantastic the results appear. Microneedling & Nano needling can also boost scalp health in such a way as to keep hair fuller and healthier for longer.

Preparation for scalp microneedling

Be sure to cleanse the scalp before microneedling, its really important as this will avoid infection. You may also want to use a numbing cream especially if your intending to stimulate the deeper layers of the scalp to boost hair follicle regeneration. For this you can use any cartridge from 24 pin, 36 pin or 42 pin. If you are applying a hair growth serum – you can use a nano cartridge to increase the absorption of the product into scalp. Use a low depth setting and work your way up to 1.00 if you feel comfortable.

Top Tips

Make sure that you only use even, light pressure whilst microneedling the scalp.

Microneedling can sometimes be slightly uncomfortable but if you are experiencing any severe pain – Stop the treatment straight away.

Avoid any harsh or heavily scented shampoo or conditioner after treatment. If you can, apply the shampoo/conditioner only to the ends of the hair.

Avoid any prolonged sun exposure by wearing hat for the first few days.

If you experience any minor scalp peeling, do not pick at it – let it come away naturally.

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