Microneedling with a Serum.

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In our latest blog we look how to combine microneedling with a suitable serum.

What is Microneedling?

Microneedling sometimes also known as collagen induction therapy uses a device such as Dr Pen M8 to make tiny punctures to the dermis of the skin with a microscopic needle and this triggers the production of new collagen and our amazing skin’s own ability to heal itself! Microneedling gives your complexion a revitalised, refreshed look and can improve the visible signs of ageing over several sessions. 

Using a serum whilst Microneedling.

We always recommend using a serum while microneedling as the lubrication of the serum prevents needle drag and helps the microneedling pen glide effortlessly over the skin. This makes the procedure more comfortable and has many other benefits… The microchannels created by microneedling allow the chosen skincare product to penetrate deeply into the skin, having greater effect.

Which serums are suitable?

Hyaluronic acid is always a great place to start when microneedling as it has many benefits for most skin types using Hyaluronic acid will help to prevent visible signs of ageing, it plumps skin and provides deep moisturisation. Hydrated skin is effective at retaining its elasticity, which means that it’s less prone to wrinkling. The more hydrated you can keep your skin, the better your skin is able to keep up its production of collagen and elastin so you stay looking fresh and youthful.

Another great serum choice for microneedling is the Stayve Collagen Ampoule . This serum contains Hydrolyzed Collagen as the main ingredient which is ideal for firming the skin and reducing wrinkle appearance. Its suitable for use during MTS procedures

Try Stayve Idebenone serum with microneedling to effectively brighten the skin, improve and even tone and texture . The Jerichorose extract and allantoin ingredients found in the Idebenone serum deeply moisturize the skin, restoring its elasticity and suppleness and soothing irritated and sensitive skin.

How to microneedle with a serum.

Apply serum directly to the skin in small sections at a time. This way, you’ll prevent the serum from drying out on your skin.

You can find out more about the different serums that we stock to use while microneedling with Dr Pen HERE

We also stock a range of BB Glow serums by Stayve to use when nano needling.