Using Dr Pen™ for BB Glow

BB Glow with Dr Pen

You may of seen or heard about BB Glow on social media. BB GLOW uses nano-needling.

Sometimes also referred to an nano infusion, it is an non-invasive, innovate transdermal serum delivery system designed to rejuvenate your skin and remedy many common issues like lack of tone, uneven texture and excessive pigmentation.

This beautifying skincare treatment uses a derma pen like Dr Pen to apply a bb glow serum just under the surface of the skin.
The BB Glow serum will contain a slight tint of colour. Also lots of nutrients to leave skin healthy and glowing.

Here at Dr Pen UK we can supply you with the Dr Pen Microneedling Devices and cartridges that you need for BB Glow.

A popular choice is the Dr Pen M8 for BB Glow and microneedling.

The Dr Pen M8 is a powerful top of the range device is great for both professional use and experienced use at home.

The cartridges for this device are the thinnest available (0.18) reducing pain and recovery time.

The M8 also features a 6 level speed control and adjustable depth gauge.
The Dr Pen M8 nano pin cartridges are a firm favourite for those carrying out BB Glow treatments.

If you are professionally trained in bb glow or microneedling you could consider the Hydra Pen 2 for treatments.

This clever device incorporates your serum into the needle cartridge for a clean and effortless procedure.

The Hydra Pen 2 features a 4 level speed control and a variable depth gauge. Cartridges available from 0.25mm-1.00mm or the preferred for bb glow nano cartridge.

the brand new hydra pen 2

All Dr Pen orders are dispatched from our UK warehouse based in the Midlands. We only supply 100% genuine Dr Pen items.